Nancy E. Muleady-Mecham, Ph.D., Biology

"Doc" Nancy is an Adjunct Professor of Biology at Northern Arizona University. She completed her Ph.D. in Biology at NAU with an emphasis on the fire ecology of the Greater Grand Canyon Ecosystem. She began her long career with the United States National Park Service in 1979, working as a seasonal and later permanent Park Ranger Naturalist and Protection/Rescue Ranger. Her book, Park Ranger: True Stories From A Ranger's Career In America's National Parks, has received enthusiastic and excellent reviews from both park personnel and general readers. Her field and research interests include vertebrate biology, human anatomy and physiology and pathophysiology, as well as ecology and conservation issues. She has published in many peer-reviewed journals and has received several "Outstanding" Teaching Awards in her academic career. Nancy was co-author of a paper that identified and extended the range of a rare species of sea invertebrate, while working at the Institute for Marine and Coastal Studies at Catalina Island, California. She has also taught college level astronomy courses and has given free public star talks for over 20 years. Nancy is an avid hiker and backpacker and has completed solo hikes of the John Muir and High Sierra Trails through the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and has led multiple-week backpacking seminars for natural history associations. Nancy has traveled extensively throughout the world, including the South Pacific, Antarctica, Africa, South, Central and North America as well as Europe. Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, Nancy has worked as an RN in the Emergency Room at Flagstaff Medical Center part-time for nine years.